Instagram Brings New Full-screen Ads in Instagram Stories

Instagram is constantly renovating and it has exploded massively since its launch. Now, Instagram has introduced full-screen ads that can be skipped in the Instagram Stories. This new monetization feature is expected to be embraced by advertisers rather quickly. From Wednesday, Instagram is testing the full screen ads with 30 global companies such as Netflix, Nike, Capital One and others. This ability will slowly be expanded to include other advertisers as well. To track the performance of the stories, new tools will be launched for businesses.

The new metrics introduced by Instagram will help businesses to provide relevant content to the audience. The Instagram Stories now has 150 million users per day and it has been a sharp rise from 100 million users per day three months ago. The monetization will greatly benefit Facebook, which owns Instagram. The advertising feature will attract more advertisers and it is likely to increase the revenue to $3.64 billion in advertising sales.

Businesses worldwide are attempting to connect with the audience at a deeper level and the Instagram Stories provide a great platform. Various Instagram tools such as stickers, @ mentions, links, boomerangs and illustrations can now be exploited by businesses to connect with the audience on a more personal level. The ads in the Instagram Stories can have video clips and photos and they will be presented as sponsored content. Video advertisements are likely to pick up their pace even though Instagram allows photo and video advertisements. Various publishers have already used the Instagram Stories feature to distribute news and updates. The Instagram Stories were developed after the popularity of Instagram Snapchat.

The Instagram Stories enjoy a greater level of engagement from its users. The developers are focusing on creating a sophisticated mobile ad business that combines the power of Instagram Stories to reach a wider audience. The company is now focused on creating new interactive tools to engage the audience even more with the stories and advertisements. About one third of the viewed Instagram Stories belong to businesses. Also, about 75% of Instagram followers follow a business app. About one in five Instagram Stories deliver a direct message to the viewer.

More than 70% of the Instagram Stories are listened by the viewers with the sound on which creates an immersive experience. Mulberry UK reported that Instagram Stories with links generate five times more traffic to their website. Airbnb is also effectively using Instagram Stories to captivate travelers to enjoy similar experiences. Instagram currently has 600 million users monthly. Ever since Instagram launched advertising, businesses have been using it effectively to interact with the audience.

In future, Instagram is hoping to expand more advertising opportunities by incorporating advanced ecommerce tools. Businesses can expect this move to take the social advertising to a whole new level. The engaging format and robust advertising sales is expected to improve the scope of business advertisement. Instagram is excited to work on more tools to help the advertisers reach their marketing goals.

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